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Tristan to the Cape of Good Hope

The Final Leg

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So we're on the last leg of the trip....

Tristan to Cape Town (some 1600 Nm) and about 10 to 12 days to do it (as we plan to head south to make the most of the weather available)

It's day 41 of the trip and we've got 11 days to go on the ship..

Once again... sailing is not the most enlightening or most interesting of things to write about and to be honest not that much happened on this leg of the journey.

We did judge the bad beard competition (I didn't win)
The Photo Competition was concluded and Steph won the best Fantasy picture (I'll try and put all the photo's on here later on)
The Easter Egg Painting competition winners were announced and my Ninja Egg got a prize of some chocolate eggs (Steph was happy)
Friday the 13th came and went (luckily uneventfully)
The weather came and went and so did the wind and swells

However... once again... Neptune rewarded our patience....

On Day 49 (after 9 days at sea and just before we arrived in South Africa to complete the journey)

Pilot Whales... and not just any Pilot Whales

There was a large pod of them swimming behind us and they were racing to catch us up.... the rollers were about 4 to 5 meters and as a result the Whales were breaching out of the waves as they crested!

It was amazing... about 20 or so Pilot whales surrounded the ship as she danced in the waves and began to put on a show... and what a show!

Breaching.. crashing... spinning.... these were Whales though.... not Dolphins. One of the whales even took it upon himself to continually spin upside down as he breached the cresting waves on the side of the ship.... it was fantastic...

And then..... in the middle of the commotion.....

as if guided by all the noise going on.....

a Minke whale suddenly appears amongst the pilot whales !!

Wow.... What A Wildlife show.

It lasted for about a hour in all and is one of the most magical things I've seen for a long while.

We spotted Africa two days later and sailed up towards the Cape of good hope and up the Eastern side of the continent towards Cape Town.

The city is beautiful as we sailed into the docks and it felt brilliant and yet disappointing to be arriving after spending so long on the ship.

We were both sad that night in Cape town and as a result both Steph and I and many others on the ship got very, very drunk as a result of some serious boozing as it was our first day on shore..

We'd Arrived. We'd Made it. What a trip !

one I'm sure neither Steph nor I will ever forget and highly highly recommended for anyone out there should they wish to undertake the challenge.... it's well worth it.

Thanks Bark Europa

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