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Buenos Aires

Flights, transport and first impressions

sunny 28 °C
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We flew to BA from London Heathrow.

with all the recent palavas about the fog and baggage etc. we arrived some five hours early, however, we´d booked online so managed to miss out standing in the check in queue for an hour or so. Dropped our bags at the bag drop check in desk (which was empty) and headed into departures.

The flight was delayed by an hour (not too bad really) and whilst we were waiting we noticed that "Jeremy" from the TV series Airport was sat opposite us... wow.... am I back on my uber-celebrity mingling missions again or what !!!

Anyway, we decided it was best not to get a picture of myself with one of the campest men on UK television (who incidentally was on his way to Rio for the Carnival... the carnival del rio-r entry more like!)

We arrived in Buenos aires some 15 hours later (having waved adios to Jezza) and decided to get a Remis (or taxi) to the hotel (lazy and extravagant I know... but it was the same price as getting the Express bus to the centre of town)

Steph had booked us in the Ayres de Recoleta (in the Recoleta area of town...surprisingly) which we were told was "the posh part of town". The Hotel was lovely and since we arrived early, they gave us the Penthouse!!! Wow!!! The views from the balcony are great (overlooking the beautiful cemetery of recoleta where Eva Peron is buried) I know... sounds a bit necrophiliac-esque... but I can't help it... they just look so peaceful..... ??

I digress... so.. We're in a nice hotel in a good part of town and we've just spent the morning walking round BA. It's lovely weather and the people seem quite nice too....
Both Steph and I are starting to impress them all with our linguistic skills thanks to our Spanish lessons... NOT!

However... you do have to have your wits about you... This is South America after all!

We were walking down to the Centre of town and some Jakey (Drugged up loony) decides to start ranting. He was infront of us walking towards us so we calmly crossed the road and made sure we didn't get eye contact. This seemed to work as he then progressed to smash a bottle on the ground and rant some more. We'd passed him by this point, however, hot on his tail were two policemen who manhandled him to the ground before he's done much else other than cause a bit of a stir early on a Saturday morning !!! Seems like the Buckfast is that bit stronger down here! :)

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The flights are booked and so's the ship ???

all seasons in one day
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well here we are still in the UK getting ready for the beginning of what I think might be our final trip for a while (albeit that we're encompassing roughly everywhere we've ever wanted to go... well almost!)

We leave Tomorrow (Dad's Birthday) so I'll have to have the card ready and also make sure we've recovered after Hogmanay (New Years)

We've packed and have printed our bording passes so Here goes.....

Buenos Aires here we come :)

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